Refunds and Cancellation

As we are giving Astrology and Numerology services, clients are requested to read the below Disclaimer and make informed decision before purchase of our services, since refund is not possible after availing the services.


Just as a doctor cannot guarantee to heal you, nor an attorney guarantee that you will win a court case, an Astro-numerologist cannot guarantee accurate predictions or client satisfaction. All consultations are done on a "best efforts" basis, and we disclaim any personal, financial, or legal liability for actions taken by clients based upon an consultation. Dr. PR Sundhar Raja and do not provide any guarantees and will not be held responsible for any prediction inaccuracies. Astrology & Numerology has its limitations, it can only indicate tendencies, inclinations and potentials, and not certainties. Clients are advised to use their own good judgment and common sense, when making important decisions.