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Times of India dated Feb 15, 2015

Game of the name

Ma and Pa Are Heading To Professional Naming Consultants To Make Sure Their Little Baby Is Branded For Success

Whether at the time of their child′s birth, or when their tiny tot totters into kindergarten, or even when their stressed out teenager takes his mark for his Class 10 board exams, several parents believe a name change can be a game changer.

Astrologers and numerologists seem to be upping their game. Chennaibased astrologer PR Sundhar Raja for instance has opened his naming services to the world through his online consultation. "While parents suggest the names, we promise to pick the luckiest one within three working days of payment. Even people within the city seem to prefer doing everything online because it saves time," says Raja, who adds that ever since he launched the online service, he chooses names for a dozen babies a day at `1800 a consultation. "We get clients from all over the world and the names we are consulted on are not always Hindu names. A recent name I picked for an Indian couple wanting a more global name was Kyra," says Raja, who adds that most recently he had to work out a lucky name for a Kenyan baby .

Raja says parents sometimes bring their children in for name changes before the hall tickets for Board exams are generated. Like Sumati Ashok (name changed) for instance, who logged into Raja′s site asking for him to tweak her son's name because she was sure it was brining him “ill fortune“ in academics."Parents want to make sure the child′s name will ensure success in terms of marks," says Raja, who refused to change the boy′s name completely , but added in a part of the father's name to give the boy “better luck“ in the exams.

“Changing your name when you are older, because you feel some sort of name-remorse, can have an adverse impact on a person's psyche. There is a lot of that going around,“ says Raja. “ “So, I tell parents to be cautious so as not to regret their decision later on,“ he says, and adds that while parents of newborns form the larger percentage of his clientele, he also gets parents looking to tweak or rethink a child's name before they start school. “But you cannot make too drastic a change because it can affect the child mentally ,“ he says.


Trinity Mirror dated Nov 07, 2012

Astro prediction comes true

Astro-numerologist Sundhar Raja's prediction that Barack Obama will win the election and that too with a majority has exactly come true.His prediction prior to the poll to Trinity Mirror can be seen in his website

“Obama has Saturn in his Lagna and this planet is also placed favourably in his Navamsa.Also his running dasa is Saturn and therefore, he will win this election with ease. Obama's birth number 4 matches with the Election date's destiny number 4 - this concludes that Obama to win with a majority, ” Raja has predicted

An Astro-Numerologist and a recipient of many awards including 'Indian Achievers Award', he has correctly predicted the last 2 US elections. He has also predicted in his website that India will be a super power.

Trinity Mirror dated Nov 05, 2012


Sundhar Raja AstroNumerologist has analysed the US Election 2012 and says that present incumbent Barack Obama will win the election. Both Astrologically and Numerologically, he will win the US presidential election 2012 & become the 45th US president to continue his 2nd term - more details



Mr. Barack Obama has Saturn in his Lagna and this planet is also placed favourably in his Navamsa. His running dasa is Saturn and therefore, he will win this election with ease. Mr. Mitt Romney's Lagna is disturbed by Ragu's placement and is also aspected by Jupiter and Moon from the 7th house - these planets are owning 8th and 3rd house respectively - it is not favorable to him. His running dasa is Sun - owning PR Sundhar Raja Astro-Numerologist predicts Obama will win the 4th house. He does not stand a chance of getting elected to the top post, as US president.


Election date: 6th Nov 2012 - birth number 6, destiny number 4. Mr. Barack Obama's birth number 4 matches with the Election date's destiny number 4 - this concludes that the swing votes will be garnered by Mr. Obama to win with a majority.

Barack Obama

Birth details: 4th Aug 1961, 7.24 pm, Honolulu. Lagna: Makara Rasi: Rishaba Running Dasa: Saturn dasa - Lagnathipathi dasa - very good. Numerology: Birth Number 4, destiny number 2, name number 8.

Mitt Romney

Birth details: 12th March 1947, 9.51 am, Detroit. Lagna: Rishaba Rasi: Viruchika Running Dasa: Sun dasa - 4th house dasa - average. Numerology: Birth Number 3, destiny number 9, name number 1.

About PR Sundhar Raja

An Astro-Numerologist and a recipient of many awards including 'Indian Achievers Award' , he has correctly predicted the last 2 US elections. He has also predicted in his website that India will be a super power.


Business Standard dated June 04, 2012

There's something in a name, say private equity players

When it comes to choosing a name for a new fund, private equity(PE) managers in India rarely heed the famous quote of the Bard of Avon, 'What's in a name?'

It seems that fund managers who have launched PE funds recently want to stick to Indian culture while picking names for their ventures.

Several new funds such as Arth Capital, Arth Veda Fund Management, Keda-ara Capital, Nirvana Venture Advisors, Arka Capital suggest the managers prefer Sanskrit names over typical foreign names.

Bikram Sen, chief executive officer of Arth Veda Fund Management, said: “Indians, impressed by Westerners, typically try to use Greek and Latin names. However, a minority do focus on Sanskrit. For us, coming up with an original name was very critical.” Last November, DHFL Venture Capital was renamed Arth Veda Fund Management. Arth Veda is explained as 'wealth from wisdom'. When Amit Patni and Arihant Patni, sons of Gajendra Patni, co-founder of Patni Computer Systems Ltd, launched their venture capital fund, it was named Nirvana, which means 'true bliss'.

Amit Patni, co-founder and chairman of Nirvana Venture Advisors, said: “We want to take investors in the VC (venture capital) world to a state of true bliss.” Similarly, Gurgaon-based Ananta Capital, which invests in energy, connects 'Ananta' (means endless or infinite) to the “boundless energy and ocean of opportunities within the Universe”. Kedaara Capital was launched by Manish Kejriwal, former India head of Temasek Holdings. According to P R Sundhar Raja, Chennai-based astro-nameologist, India's chances of becoming an economic super power by 2020 will increase acceptance of such Vedic names among the foreign investors.

However, not all of fund managers prefer sanskrit names. Last year, Aditya Parekh, son of Housing Develop-ment Finance Corp Chairman Deepak Parekh, launched Faering Capital, named after a boat used by the Vikings as they roamed the seas more than 1,000 years ago. Infosys co-founder N R Narayana Murthy has launched a VC fund called Catamaran, named after a sail boat.

Business experts, however, believe Indian names will rarely bring any difference in the business. Kavil Ramachandran, professor of Family Business and Wealth Management at Indian School of Business Management, said: “It is like choosing a name for a new born or a brand. Sanskrit names give the feeling of uniqueness for a start but none with hard-earned capital is going to get carried away by such names.”

A few seniors in the industry still prefer typical foreign names for their funds. Renuka Ramnath's fund is called Multiples Alternate Asset Manage-ment, while Ajay Relan named his venture as CX Partners. Subbu Sumbramaniam's fund is known as M Cap Fund Advisors, while P R Srinivasan launched Exponentia Capital.

According to P R Sundhar Raja, Chennai-based astro-nameologist, India's chances of becoming an economic super power by 2020 will increase acceptance of such Vedic names among the foreign investors.


Indian Express dated 3rd July 2011

Changing of Names

It is mandatory for the person to advertise in an English and a vernacular daily on the name change with his/her old and new name.

"We used to get only 150 such name change advertisements for a month five years ago. But these days we get more than 500 ads in a month," says V Chandrasekar working in the advertisement section of a daily in Chennai.

"I added a word to my name after my astrologer's advice and things have certainly improved. Though not many noticeable changes have happened, things that could have turned against me were avoided," says Lakshmy Devi Venkiteswaran, who has added her middle name recently.

Chennai-based astro-numerologist P R Sundhar Raja said changing one's name can make a lot of change in his/her life.

"The way your name sounds make certain vibrations. So we recommend names or alteration in your name that can bring a preferred vibration," he says.

The Times of India dated 1 July 2011

Names fill up treasury

CHENNAI: What is in a name, you may ask. But, many in Chennai and across Tamil Nadu are changing their names hoping to alter their fortune and take a short cut to success. For the government, this is good news for its near-empty coffers.

Year after year as the number of people opting for a name change rose, the Tamil Nadu government raked in a neat sum by way of revenue from gazette notifications.

Over the last three years, the state government earned more than `4.5 crore from 1.07 lakh applications received by the directorate of stationary and printing department.

According to the assistant director (publications) of the printing department, S Prema, during 2010-2011, the government received 44,345 applications,which yielded an income of `1.98 crore.

On request, notifications regarding change of name are published in the Tamil Nadu government gazette for which a sum of `415 is collected (including postal charges) from the applicant. The government also charges `115 for publishing change of name in Tamil.

A senior official from printing department told TOI that altering a letter from one's name to change luck in matters of employment or business, is the popular reason for youngsters to queue up every day for a name-change.

There were some who changed names after converting to another religion and some who reverted to their maiden names or even changed their names after divorce.

Astro-numerologist Dr P R Sundhar Raja based in Chennai claimed that having the right name could help people overcome problems and succeed. "Name change can change life for the better."

For example, the name Krishna, is represented by the planet Sun and it will be a successful name for the individual if the Sun is favorable for him, otherwise he can change his name to Krishnan, by just adding 'n', which is a Venus number, provided, of course, the planet Venus is a favorable planet for him", he said. The name Priya totals up to 13.

But, if this number is not favorable, they can add an extra 'a' to make it Priyaa,which adds to number 14, a Mercury number, provided the planet Mercury is favorable for the person.

"I changed my name from K S Saravanan to K S Arun after consulting a numerologist. Everything has worked well for me since," claimed 39-year old business finance manager working in a multinational company. He said his daughter was also named on a numerologist's advice.

According to the stationary and printing department, in 2010-2011, the number of applications received from across the state for name change was 44,345, compared to 29,730 in 2008-2009, registering a 49% increase. Similarly, in 2010-2011, the revenue through applications was `1.98 crore compared to 2008-2009 figure of `1.28 crore, registering 54% increase. In 2009-2010, the revenue was `1.32 crore from 32,963 applications.

Deccan Chronicle dated 3 Jan 2010

2010 to herald an upsurge of progress in India

Dr. PR Sundhar Raja a renowned astrologer and numerologist, predicts that "The New Year 2010 holds new promise for Indians and it heralds the beginning of unstoppable progress for the nation. A few years ago it would be hard to imagine over 60 per cent of the major corporations of the world being owned, managed or run by people of Indian origin by the year 2012. And we are already in the progression of that goal. You have business magnates like Indra Nooyi and steel barons like Lakshmi Mittal who can prove that point in a global context.

In terms of numerology, the year 2010 is representative of tremendous progress on several fronts. India is all set to grow by leaps and bounds this year, which can be explained in a simple way. In numerology, the sum of the digits representing the word India adds up to 12 - made up of the digits 1 and 2 respectively.

Their sum, which is the number three, is associated with the planet Jupiter, which is one of the most auspicious planets and is symbolic of wealth creation as well. On the other hand, we also have the year 2010, which adds up to three. This should come as good news for working professionals as their efforts are bound to bear fruit this year. Foreign nations would also be more welcoming to professionals from India in the New Year.

The New Year should also bring a ray of hope to students, as this year will be extremely beneficial for the academic community as well. Jupiter is always associated with a thirst for knowledge and wisdom. So learners can look forward to academic brilliance and opportunities to pursue higher education as well. Those stepping in new endeavours will find themselves armed with a renewed sense of focus and determination.

On a closing note, the arts and the sporting arenas of the country are also set for a big time makeover as even the White House played host to AR Rahman's Jai Ho last year. One can only expect greater achievements from Indian stalwarts this year.

Deccan Herald dated 20th December 2009

Corporates also consult astrologers for profitability:

Prasanta Paul in Kolkata

Just like people consult astrologers to figure out how to cope with their problems, some corporations also do so

How really important is a name? Well, many may shrug off the significance of a name; but for some, the case may not be so. For instance, Rakesh Agarwala (name changed) was in a fix when his newly formed company was incurring huge losses in the wake of the economic recession, compelling him to seriously consider closing down the business.

But things started looking different after he sought advice from a corporate astrologer who suggested that he re-incorporate the company and within six months thereafter, the company was back in the black. Agarwala acknowledged, “I never believed in astrology. But, after this experience, before taking any step, I seek guidance from my astrologer.”

Dr Sundhar Raja, a corporate astrologer says , the key to success of a company does not rest with the name alone. Its logo also plays a vital role as it symbolises the company's services, energy and growth. For continuous growth and profitability the logo should convey the company's core service/ product with a compatible colour scheme.

Dr Raja cites the case of the US company Enron which did not have a balanced logo and went bust. Similarly, the Global Trust Bank had a broken logo which contributed to its collapse. According to him a logo has to create harmony with its internal and external stakeholders and should be geometrically proportionate for stability, Dr Raja shares that after changing the logo of UTI Sec Commodities Ltd its brand equity sky rocketed and Standard Chartered acquired it.

US-based Mathew Currie, who is a practicioner of corporate astrology for decades, believes that corporations are also people. “There are few things in life more fun for me than to read the birth chart of a corporation. They follow more or less all the same rules as your chart and mine do, but experience has taught me corporations have a lot less free will than the average client,” according to Currie.

According to Currie, Wal-Mart never has to go begging for money, but lately there are concerns over the company's growth. “The effects of the September 11/07 eclipse on the Wal-Mart birth chart is pretty dramatic.” he pointed out.

Read more..

Times of India dated 18th November 2008

NEW DELHI: Fussing over naming a child is old hat, as is the jugglery with names of K tele-serials. What is grabbing attention, and raising some eyebrows, is the growing number of adults wanting to dig into the alphabet soup and cook up new names in the belief that it may change a person's fortunes. Top nameologists say they are being consulted by clients for a change of name when applying for passports or overseas exams, when not doing well or falling sick. Many such clients are NRIs and foreigners, they say.

Dhanlaxmi, a 24-year-old student of sociology from Patel Nagar in West Delhi, changed her name to Nandini because a nameologist said her previous name could create complications in her marriage. For the first three months, says Nandini, she has to meditate and internalize the name so that she may adapt to the new avtar. "My earlier name was too heavy, it was overbearing," she says. Nandini says she feels much calmer since she got her name changed two months ago.

Similarly, persistent illness of her young son turned Mumbai's Karishma Sachdev, who runs a playschool in Andheri East, into a believer. Sachdev initially scoffed at suggestions that her son's name was bringing him bad luck and that was the reason for his continued ill health. "He'd be hospitalized often, and all tests would be clear," says Sachdev. She finally gave in. The nameologist immediately suggested a change.

Sachdev now believes the name change has ensured a healthy boy who does not regularly and needlessly fall ill anymore. For her second son, now 18 months old, she took no chances and roped in a nameologist to identify the right name. "It was a tedious process for the elder one, she says, "what with the paperwork involved, the change in passport and newspaper ads, but well worth the effort."

It's all about faith. And nameologists are really cashing on it. With numerology and astrology swallowed up in this pursuit, nameologists say their services have widened in ambit beyond naming children and companies.

The correct name can give a head-start in life," says nameologist Sundhar Raja in Chennai. A name with no meaning will lead to a meaningless life, he says and most problems can be overcome with the right name. This has many takers who find no conflict in the subject as a science.

"We seek auspicious nature for everything, so why not in our names?" asks IT manager in Chennai, Shobha Murugan. She and her family didn't give consulting a nameologist a second thought. "It is not related to science but a factor of the environment. We seek the best surroundings so this is natural," she says.

Hindustan Times dated 28th December 2007

Astrology, numerology all set to ride the internet traffic

Chennai - based PR Sundhar Raja, who completed a pilot project offering instant name identification and other astro- numerological services through internet recently, confirms, “Over 50 percent of our revenues come from NRIs".

“Name and logo are important components of a company's public identity. Besides, names have their own vibes, certain names take the subject to their peaks and others may pull them down, “Raja said.

The colour combinations should be in sync, and there should be an internal and external harmony in the logo, he explained.

Astrology uses planetary positions and movements for predicting future prospects or otherwise of individuals, while numerology add more accuracy to such projections. Internet has an advantage in the sense those clients who are not interested in sharing personal details with others can get their charts read through this means. It is also seen as being more transparent, with the rates displayed on the website.

Raja has already floated a private limited company called, JRS Astro Private Ltd, with head quarters in Chennai. The company's corporate services encompass complete branding, including corporate name identification or alter the existing name in consonance with the name or names of the promoters, and preparation or alteration of its logo.

Astrology is fast catching up to become a Knowledge Process Outsourcing (KPO) business, with more and more Non-Resident Indians(NRIs) seeking astro-numerical counselling through this channel.

Unlike, other astrologers, who claim to predict the future, Raja says,” Astrology indicates a direction of one's life with about 70 percent accuracy.”

“With growing awareness of astro - numerology, demand is on the rise for quality counselling. And to address this I chose internet as channel"

Business India dated 10th September 2006

India Inc climbs on board the renaming express to face a brave new world. Changing times, maturity and awareness has resulted in several companies adopting a more 21st century identity - there's a lot in a name after all.

P.R.Sundhar Raja, is a Coimbatore-based astro-numerologist, advises companies on when and how they should change their names. According to him, a company's name, its logo, its CEO's horoscope, and even its business card can impact its fortunes. Says Raja, "A name should be in harmony with the promoter or with the products and services of the company"....

'Business India', dated 16 to 29 February 2004,

P.R. Sundhar Raja, an engineer by training, combines astrology and numerology and is a consultant for many corporate bodies seeking his advice for logo changes and business turn - arounds. He worked out a detailed astro numerology chart for the benefit of Business India readers. Says Raja, "My predictions are based on astrology (Moon-based) and numerology".

" Atal Behari Vajpayee: born on 25 December 1924, Gwalior (Thursday): since he has two Raja Yoga's conferred by the Sun and Jupiter joined with the Moon at Virchika rasi, he will die in harness at a ripe old age. His total name number works out to 49 and his name is in harmony with his birth chart. This is why he had a slow and steady progress in life and achieved the best position in politics. However, he should take care of his health - pertaining to eyesight and bones. He is blessed with tremendous positive vibrations since he was born on a Thursday - this energy makes people look up to him ".

" Sonia Gandhi: born on 9 December 1946, Turin-Italy (Monday): even though she has a very good birth chart, things were not working in her favour due to Mars the Malefic planet aspecting Moon. In addition to this, her name Sonia works out to 17, a Saturn number and her full name Sonia Gandhi works out to 36, which is a Mars number. To summarise, she is categorically not in a position to be the leader of a country. This is a classic case of the name vibration not being in harmony with the birth chart and thereby retarding growth ".

' India Tribune', June 4, 2005,

From Inner feelings to outward image, name is everything

According to Dr.Sundhar Raja, the name is everything. From you inner feelings to your outward image - even people's reaction to your presence-everything about you is influenced by your name. Similarly, corporate names and logos affect the way people see them and interact with them.

Holding a masters degree in mechanical engineering and a PhD in Astrology, Dr. Raja definitely has the education behind him to give credibility to his ideas. Taking his vast education and his belief that “there must be something more”, he started Astro Number, a Chennai-based private and professional consulting company, with one foot anchored securely in the real world and the other foot dangling in a vast ocean of metaphysics, astrology and quantum theory.

During his visit to Chicago, in an interview with India Tribune on May 27th, he discussed much about numerology, astrology and the scientific basis behind the creation of Astro Number. It was indeed fascinating to hear the reasons behind the different effects of the heavenly bodies here on earth. In fact, Astro Number has such a great track record - 95% accuracy and satisfaction - that they have a distinguished list of satisfied clients from all market sectors including: energy, trade, manufacturing and consulting. Indeed, he received national recognition for economic improvement in India - the first time in history that this recognition has been given to astrology.

Through use of some highly specialized software applications and logical explanation, he showed how so many companies' difficulty can be traced to logos or names that are not “in sync” with the numerological and astrological recommendations. Some famous examples include: Enron, Arthur Andersen, Worldcom and Kraft. Specifically, he showed how the “E” in the Enron logo was tilted backwards, giving a bad vibration to the whole logo and subsequently the company. Astonishingly, he has also shown the numerological predictions of the NASA Space Shuttle Challenger and Columbia disasters. He clearly demonstrated how the arrangement of the planets in December of 2004 could have led to the tectonic forces causing the world's largest tsunami - an event that has been re-analyzed by the national astronomical agency in India, with prediction that the planetary positions would be predisposing to another tsunami in about 30 years.

His presentation emphasized that (corporate) profit should be directed to benefit society. When asked his views on improvement of society, he stated that crime and violence ultimately derives from poverty and ignorance - and thus the solution lies in education and employment for more people. This is how he sees his role in society - by boosting companies performance, they can then create more jobs. When pressed for astrological advice, he was silent for a moment. Then, carefully selecting his words, “People go the the doctor when they are sick. And they come to astrologers when they have no other answers. It is better to treat life in a PROACTIVE manner, than to try to fix things after it's too late”.

Sundhar, who has also written a book titled “The Power of Your Name”, has been interested in astrology since childhood. He believes that his understanding of astrology and his background as a scientist help him to work for the benefit of society. According to Sundhar, there are many so-called “astrologists” who are poor in mathematics or simply uneducated - a paradox, since astrology is based in mathematics and science. Numerology, of course, is entirely based in math - and Sundhar takes both of these concepts to form his own hybrid of “astro-numerology”/ He claims that numerology alone is only about 30% predictive, but by adding astrology to the mix, the predictive and productive value of his practice is exponentially increased.

His belief in astro-numerology is so deep-rooted, that he insists that this universal force extends from people to corporations and even to countries. He is convinced that India would grow and prosper more if the name of the country was changed to Bharat. Indeed, many of his clients have changed their official mailing addresses to reflect his counseling.

So what is really in a name? Apparently, it is everything.

Dr. Sundhar Raja is in the United States until the end of June. In an effort to create awareness in the community, the India Tribune will host a seminar on astro-numerology before Dr. Raja returns to India. The exact dates and venues will be announced in this newspaper upon confirmation with Dr. Raja, and it can be expected to take place near the end of June. The seminar will be open to the public. In the meantime, interested parties can reach Dr. Sundhar Raja by visiting his website at, by email at or by phone at 847.612.3447.

' The Gulf Today ', March 17, 2004,

WHAT is in a name, a logo, a brand name, or a signature ? Everything. Since a flawed identity arrests growth, feels PR Sundhar Raja, an astro - numerologist who has a track record of altering names and emblems of faltering enterprises to good effect.

If any of the element is flawed, things do not happen, said Raja, the engineer - turned - astro - numerologist who enjoys over two decades of standing in the corporate world for offering astro-numerological solutions that removes invisible growth curtailing barriers.

"Success is in a name," said Raja borrowing the punchline on his website A slight alteration of a name could fetch unimaginable results, said the man who added an extra 'a' to read his wife's name as Shobaa. A name, or a mere alphabet or a dot, can make or mar anything from a marriage to a business. Whether it be the corporate image of a company, or a name chosen for a newborn, the choices must be made carefully, Raja, who looks more like a corporate bigwig rather than a conventional fortune-teller, told The Gulf Today in Dubai on Monday. People might chose the right name by their latent intuitive powers. And when that does not happen, help is needed.


These sciences, as he calls astrology, numerology, or nameology, also offer clean solutions. "While you cannot change your date, place or time' of birth, you can rectify flaws in the name, signature, logo or a company name." Aided by astro - numerological calculations, Raja has been smoothening rough edges on logos and names for over two decades to ensure smooth ride to his clients. And that is "fine- tuning," said the author of "Power of Your Name," an easy- to-follow book on his way of predicting things.

"From a person's signature to a company logo, anything can be fine-tuned for prosperity," said Raja, who is on a brief stop - over in Dubai en route to Chennai from Nairobi where he was on a client-call. A misplaced dot or a negative slant in a signature is as unsuitable as a locked-in logo or one with the wrong COLOURS, he said.

An engineer by profession, Raja was heading a car retail division in Nairobi before he decided to hang his boots and return to Chennai, his home town in southern India. By then he had started practising astro-numerology.


Although he assures 70 per cent accuracy, Raja said the success rate usually goes above 90 percent. "I even get the odd 110 per cent," he said. However, more than these indicators of success, what matters most is the ultimate impact of the solutions when a client manage to tide over his troubles or unshackle the chains arresting growth.

The man who warned Jennifer Lopez against wedding Ben Affleck on that particular day, said "some 90 per cent of marriages that take place on 5th, 14th or 23rd of any month tend to fail."

He also explained the numerological mistake that Nasa space shuttles Challenger and Columbia were. Challenger that blasted on take-off on Jan.28, 1986 and Columbia that disintegrated on re-entry to earth on Feb.1, 2003 - in both cases killing all crew had flawed numbers. In numerological terms, both shuttles had 1 as their birth number and 8 as their destiny number. The numerological solutions would avoid such accidents that he posted on the Opportunity for Improvement link on the Nasa website was acknowledged by the US space agency. He was even provided a personal identification password to gain access to the inner circle of the Nasa web portal.

Delving on the ongoing cricket-mania in the sub-continent, Raja said India will-win the one-day series, but not without a keen tussle with the equally strong Pakistan team. "The dates of the matches show that India is set to win what is going to be a closely contested series," he said.

The thousands of ancient texts and scriptures he read in India about planetary positions and astrological input for making prediction!! has only proved that these methods are very scientified. "When I am asked to prove them scientifically I just take case studies and show them the way these readings have been working." .

The Triumphant return to power by US President George W Bush are some of his latest calculations based on Birth and Destiny Numbers

With even companies having a life-span, he said re - launching old establishments is a must for renewed vigour. Or else they face slow but sure death. "So I tell my friends and clients to utilise these solutions and prosper to bring happiness around you, the society and the entire world."

Our Bureau

Published : January 2, 2004

Next time you are hiring your company's top brass, remember to look into the birth charts of your candidates other than their qualifications.

For, the horoscope of your top executives could affect the fortunes of your company, warns astro numerologist PR Sundhar Raja who runs Astro Number out of Chennai.

An engineering graduate and a self-taught numerologist and graphologist, Sundhar Raja has only recently included screening of senior level personnel in his array of services to corporate clients.

For the last 22 years, Raja has been offering consultancy on company names and logos. It involves renaming companies and re-designing or fine-tuning their logos for growth.

Screening top executives was started after a friend sought advise on an internal promotion issue at his management school in Bangalore.

“I got into it by sheer coincidence but now I offer the service to any company that asks for it,” informs Raja.

To assess an executive's suitability for a company, the numerologist reads his birth chart. As a graphalogist, he even analyses handwriting to make his suggestions.

“It is important to study their fortunes as often individuals are known to have taken the company down with them,” he says.

Through its other service on company names and logo designs, Astro Number claims it helps corporate houses in achieving growth targets, make profits and expand.

His clients include a number of corporate houses (a tea major, a leading battery manufacturing company, an upcoming energy conglomerate, to name a few. A few months back, Astro Number helped a major IT company redesign its logo.

“The company's logo had rough edges and was in blue and orange which did not suit the promoter's astrological profile,” says Raja.

After studying both the company's birth chart (every company has a life span which can be measured by its registration number and date of registration, he says) and the promoter's details, the logo was changed.

The edges in the logo were smoothened and the colour was changed to red post which the company is said to be doing well.

Besides, it even unlocked the logo of a Kolkata based company. “A locked-in logo prevents growth,” says Raja.

However, ever since the logo has been redesigned, he claims the company's held-up orders are materialising.

The logo of a Hyderabad based appliance manufacturer has also been redesigned recently by Raja who works with a team of designers.

Talking of logos, he says that the logo for Enron was not a good design. “If it had taken care of its logo, the company may still have been around. There is nothing wrong with the name but the logo - with an 'E' tilted backward with the name pointing down - was all-wrong,” Sundhar Raja points out.

Interestingly, he has studied over 1,500 books and manuscripts to develop expertise in palmistry, astro nameology, graphology and colour thearpy.

He strongly believes that “a name can make or break the fortunes of an individual, company and even a country.”

His research on names of countries and their suitability for growth and progress concludes that India would perform better if it changed its name to Bharat.

“It will make greater economic progress as the name Bharat suits the Independence date, numerologically,” he says.

Also, he believes that Sri Lanka's troubles began the moment it changed its name from Ceylon to Sri Lanka