Sundhar Raja, No: 1 Astrologer in ChennaiPR Sundhar Raja, No: 1 Astrologer in Chennai is a uniquely qualified and a leading expert in the science of Astro-Numerology and Astro-Nameology. Being a successful practitioner of Astrology, Numerology, Nameology, Palmistry, Colour therapy, Gem therapy, Graphology and Vaastu consultations Dr. PR Sundhar Raja has provided solutions to diverse problems, including business, physical well being , relationship issue and financial conditions. Over the past 2 decades, Dr. PR Sundhar Raja has assisted several business leaders, professionals and gained acclamation around the world... His Astro prediction services have earned unmatched reputation among the clients. Further, he serves business persons and individuals by providing expert astrological advice that helps them to make better business decisions and choice about their life. He explains on what is happening in their lives, what choices they have, what influence they have, and how long situations will persist.

Dr. PR Sundhar Raja has been providing astrological consultations for clients throughout the world. His predictions are accurate and always help in resolving the business and as well as personal problems of the clients. Dr. PR Sundhar Raja has traveled to several countries around the world and recently has brought out his book "The Power of Your Name". This book is dedicated to all those who want to be a catalyst to help in changing the society to be a better place to live for future generations.

Dr. PR Sundhar Raja of Astro Number offers specialized services for selection of Company Names & Logos to Corporate houses to help them grow and succeed. Many of the corporate houses in India are his clients. Clients receive valuable insight and expert advice from Dr. Raja and implement those advices into their professional and personal lives. Dr Raja also empowers individuals to succeed by using his eminent skill in Astro-Nameology.

US President Barack Obama's personal invitation to Dr. Raja to attend his swearing in ceremony

US President Barack Obama's personal invitation

Dr. PR Sundhar Raja is an Engineering graduate with a Ph.D in Astrology and also a successful practitioner of Gem Therapy. Dr. PR Sundhar Raja, Stands for the possibility of creating wealth to enhance the Quality of Society and his vision is to see India as one among the super powers and as a developed nation by the year 2015. He contributes towards achieving this through Astro - Numerology and Astro-Nameology services.

Awards received

Dr. PR Sundhar Raja, Famous Astrologer in Chennai, Tamil Nadu India was recognized for his excellence in astrology and was honoured by the following awards.

  1. Indian Achievers Award
  2. Mother Teresa Excellence Award
  3. Rashtriya Gaurav Award
  4. Excellence in Astrology Award