Astrology & Numerology

Life is unpredictable and at times, it gives happiness and again at sometimes it gives us sorrows. In order to foresee what is going to happen in the near future, we approach famous astrologers like Dr. PR Sundhar Raja who has great expertise & knowledge in Vedic Astrology checks the aspects between the planets, the positions of the planets in relation to the place of birth tell us of their expression in the spheres of life depicted by the astrological houses.

Dr. PR Sundhar Raja, Famous Astrologer in Chennai unlocks all the secrets that the numbers hold. People who often face several difficulties in their life check out for a mystic practice in order to get rid of their problems. They found their problems get solved by following a mystic practice, Numerology.

For consultation all you need to do is convey the complete birth date (date, month & year) and the complete name, Dr. PR Sundhar Raja can correctly predict your bad time, your lucky numbers, lucky dates and provide solutions that accelerate your overall success..

What is Astrology?

Astrology is a complex science involving various permutations and combinations to interpret. By interpreting the roles of these players (the planets) and their qualities (the elements, signs and houses) and creating a synthesis, an astrologer is able to present a complete and comprehensive picture of the person and his potential, based on the natal horoscope.

Introduction to Numerology

Numerology is the science of numbers is perhaps the easiest of the occult arts to understand and use. It is one of the famous branches of astrology facilitating Astrologers to determine personality aspects of a person, yet it is one of the simplest techniques of astrological interpretations applied to our practical life. Other than simple logic and knowledge of addition, no special skills are required to use this science. Numerology follows a distinct pattern in how alphabetical order is paired to numbers between one and nine. .,

There are nine numbers used in constructing Numerology charts. These numbers are 1, 2,3,4,5,6,7,8 and 9. Larger numbers that occur from adding the numbers in the complete birth date or from the values assigned to each name are reduced by adding the digits together until the sum achieved is one of the core numbers.

Astrologers and Numerologists

Astrologers and Numerologists give an insight to our future and thereby help us to lead a better life. An astrologer sees mankind as being not only influenced by hereditary factors and the environment, but also by the state of our solar system at the moment of birth. Astrologers also adopt different methods depending on the particular astrological tradition they consumed.

Astrophysicists confirm beyond any doubt that with mathematical calculations, we can plot the movements of all the planets at any given time as astrophysicist are the one who follow the build up procedures and principles for evaluating the data.

The horoscope is literally a map of the heavens showing the exact position of the sun, moon, and planets. It is mathematically calculated using the exact date, time, and location of an individuals birth. Many people are born on the same date, but at a different time. Many are born on the same date and in the same time, but not in the same place. An individuals horoscope is calculated using all three of these variables. Every four-minute interval produces a slightly different chart, and even twins are rarely born within such a narrow space of time. The horoscope is indeed a unique chart - no two individuals have the same chart. This is the reason why an astrologer can define an individuals nature and temperament in a most subtle and personal manner to accelerate their success.


PR Sundhar Raja, an expert in Nameology, studies the individuals horoscope and fine-tunes the name to vibrate in harmony with their birth chart and helps them to succeed. Astro-Nameology help in tuning around ones life to succeed in business, profession, education etc., Only through this science; the future can be altered or changed for the betterment. He has assisted many business leaders, cine artists and career professionals, to succeed in their professional and personal lives. He has widely traveled to USA, UK, Africa, Middle East and South East Asia. He is also the author of the internationally famed book, "The Power of Your Name".

Astrology + Numerology = Astro-Nameology and Unlimited Success!

Astrology and Numerology are fascinating subjects that enable us to understand our future and help us to lead a better life. When these two subjects come together you have a winning combination that combines the complexity of Astrology and the simplicity and accuracy of Numerology. By having the right name, an individual can easily overcome the problems and succeed.

Does your name Spell S-U-C-C-E-S-S?

We have seen millionaires and billionaires who might not have passed high school or attended Business schools; many business tycoons, famous actors, actresses and politicians share the same birthday as that of yours but they occupy great heights in the society and they are considered more successful! Have you often wondered why in spite of all your effort, your high IQ, commitment and hard work, someone else who puts in a lesser effort always succeeds? What is the secret behind their success?

The answer is in their Name! says Dr. PR Sundhar Raja. The key success is in a persons name which when vibrating in harmony with their birth date will certainly bring success and will improve quality of life. In an emerging trend, even Business Houses are spelling success with the help of Astro Nameologists. The success of any business largely depends on the name being in harmony with the promoters / owners of the company and the company's time of incorporation. This defines the profit making, growth, expansion and harmonious working environment and therefore the shareholder returns. The Name tuning of companies extends also to the logo design.

Signature Tuning:

Astrology, the ancient science allows us to understand the creative forces that occur in our life and use them to our advantage. In this way, an individual go for signature tuning for betterment of his life. Signature reflects the overall personality of an individual. It reflects character, nature and behavior of an individual.

Signatures can be interpreted to analyze an individuals Psycho-system.

The signature of an individual tends to change over a period of time. The person is more likely to absorb a lot of negative energy during his / her most difficult / challenging time in life and tends to carry these negative energies.

This mindset can be changed, by analyzing your signature and fine-tuning the same for growth and success.

Many people had visited Dr PR Sundhar Raja, who is an expert in Signature Tuning and he had suggested them for Signature Tuning which brings growth and success to people.

Gem Therapy:

We are living in an amazing era in the history of mankind where we are communicating via mobile phone, browsing websites, launching satellites and sending probes to far away planets like Mars. These things are possible due to electrical and electronic pulses, which are nothing but VIBRATIONS. As Planets are in perpetual motion they are bound to create various effects; let us call these effects as cosmic vibrations or cosmic energy. We all know the effect the moon exerts on water (the high and low tides). If this small satellite can raise or lower three-fourth of Earths water at frequent intervals - just imagine the effect it has on us. Over 65% of our body constituents are liquids and it is also a fact that a healthy womans menstrual cycle is 281/4days - this function is influenced by the moon as it is the same time taken by the moon to complete an orbit around the earth.

Most of us are aware of the power of quartz crystal, which is used in precision equipments including wristwatches. This crystal will be activated only if it is powered by electricity. Likewise, the gemstones have the power to draw the cosmic energy and transmit the same to the person who is wearing it. An individuals energy draws the cosmic vibrations through the gemstones to enter his inner self to trigger subtle changes for either increasing or decreasing his inner harmony (Good or Bad effects).

Like Gemstones, metals also have their own individual vibrations which occur at particular frequencies. The precious metal, PLATINUM, with its specific vibrations, colour and purity, symbolizes wealth, power and strength. Expensive gemstones like DIAMOND, EMERALD and BLUE SAPPHIRE can be set in PLATINUM which will hold the stone securely and firmly, thus protecting the valuable gemstone. Since Platinum is known for its purity, durability and hypoallergenic (does not cause allergies) properties, it is highly recommended for every-day wear to enhance the financial prosperity.

Gemstones also have the power of healing diseases and strengthening our immune systems as each gemstone is associated with the specific planets. Dr. PR Sundhar Raja, a specialist in Gem Therapy, provides appropriate remedies for various planetary aspects or influences of an individual by suggesting gemstones. Dr. PR Sundhar Raja suggests gemstones to his clients as gems may resolve many forthcoming issues for the control of problems aroused in their life. Gemstones should be worn close to ones skin which holds a special meaning for them (otherwise it is just a decorative piece of jewellery without any effect). Selection of a particular gemstone for an individual is a complex process and only a professional astrologer can suggest the right choice. Gemstone should be of good qualities. People can beyond any doubt empower themselves by wearing suitable gemstones.

Vaastu Consultations:

Vaastu sastra, an ancient architectural science was developed to bring harmony balance between man and environment which brings happiness, peace and prosperity. Vaastu sastra was developed based on understanding and adapting the Earth's Magnetic field to create / modify a smooth energy flow for Growth and Prosperity.

The proper alignment of the building harmonizes the energies and it gives the peace of mind to those who live in that premises. This harmonization of the energy field makes the life pleasant and thereby providing constant Energy flow to maximize productivity and Success.

There is lot of truth / meaning and essence in this great science. Adopting and applying this science in todays life will bring in harmony to Business / Residential premises and this in turn will contribute to the general well being of a society.

Dr. PR Sundhar Raja, offers vaastu services like vaastu for buildings, vaastu for industry, vaastu for commercial building and home. In today's times, people have recognized the importance of vaastu and visited Dr Raja for vaastu services. With Dr. PR Sundhar Raja's knowledge in Vaastu, clients have gained maximum out of the directions of their house and step towards success and serenity.