Dr. Raja, receiving "Indian Achievers Award" for his contribution in Astrology & Numerology. He has also received several awards like 'Mother Teresa Excellence Award', 'Rashtriya Gaurav Award' etc.,
  • Dr. PR Sundhar Raja is a famous Astrologer & Numerologist and Specialist in Powering Individuals Name / Company Name / Logo for Success & Growth. Contact : +91 98400 20243.
  • Many Business Tycoons & Corporate Business houses, including Fortune 500 companies are his repeat clients and all major newspapers / magazines have covered his work.
  • Dr. Raja has correctly predicted the winner of US Presidential Election for the 3rd time consecutively and he also predicts that over 60% of global companies will be managed by people of Indian origin.
  • Dr. PR Sundhar Raja's contribution to the society & the nation was acknowledged and he has been awarded the prestigious Indian Achievers Award among other awards.
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All major newspapers / magazines have covered Astrologer & Numerologist Dr. PR Sundhar Raja's predictions and you can click on the link below to read the articles.


  • Empowering individuals to succeed - using Astrology as a base and providing practical solutions using Numerology.
  • New company name for growth & profitability - a company name should be in harmony with the promoter for success
  • Fine-tuning existing company name & logo for success and continuous growth
  • New born baby name - a right name for a baby is the best gift parents can give for their baby's success in life.
  • Vaastu consultation for overall success



Our successful clientele list of over several lakhs spans through several industries across geographical boundaries around the world - to name a few:

  • ONGC Limited
  • Eveready Batteries
  • McLeod Russel Limited
  • OPG Energy Ltd
  • Supreme Petrochem Ltd
  • Pramati Technologies Ltd


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Dr. PR Sundhar Raja, an eminent Astrologer & Numerologist from India, Chennai, is one among the famous Astrologers in India and will help you to achieve great success by using Astrology as a base and providing practical solution through Numerology. He combines Astrology and Numerology- known as Astro-numerology -this was a hidden seceret from Vedic times and Dr. Raja has effectively brought this science for the welfare of the people to achieve great success†


Being an expert in Numerology, Astrology, Palmistry, Gem Therapy and Graphology,, he has assisted many business leaders and career professionals, to be rich, healthy and successful for over two decades. He has widely traveled to USA, UK, Indonesia, Singapore, Africa and Middle East etc., and almost all the important newspapers / publications have covered his work extensively. He stands for the possibility of creating wealth, to enhance the quality of society and he does this through Astrology and Numerology.


His services are recognized several times and he has been conferred many awards like 'Indian Achievers Award' for outstanding contribution in Astrology & Numerology, 'Mother Teresa Award', 'Rashtriya Gaurav Award' etc. His good reputation in the field of Astrology &†Numerology, is bringing†him repeat clients.†

Jupiter Transit

Dr. PR Sundhar Raja Ė Indiaís No.1 Astrologer & Numerologistís interpretation of Jupiter change on 11th August 2016 for different Rasiís Planets are in perpectual motion around the Sun and Astrologers look at the position of planets in relation to the Earth and interpret its influence... different planets take differenrt time, example planet Jupiter takes 1 year to change a house and planet Saturn takes 2 years and 6 months.

Rasi in Astrology is the location of Moon in an individualís bith / natal chart. There are 12 Rasis.. Mesha, Rishaba, Mithun, Kataka, Simha, Kanni, Thula, Viruchika, Dhanus, Makara, Kumbha and Meena.

Planet Jupiter moves from Simha Rasi to Kanni Rasi on 11th August 2016 and will remain there till 11th September 2017 based on Thiru kanidha panchangam. As per Vakiya panchangam from 2nd August 2016 to 2nd September 2017.

Astroji Dr. PR Sundhar Raja Ė Indiaís No.1 Astrologer and Numerologist, gives the following predictions based on Jupiterís movement for each Rasi.

Google Reviews

We have approached Dr. Raja Sir to christen our new endeavour and design a logo for the same, Ours' being a start up company we naturally are fearful about the company's success and of our investment which is risk prone too; But for our surprise Dr. Raja Sir's valuable ' Astro Numerical ' multifaceted guidance is leading us on the tracks of success which enables us to visualize our pinnacle of victory very shortly.Frankly speaking we are at a lapse of any elderly guidance or a well wishing kith and kin during which time we have come across Dr.Raja Sir who bridged that gap much more than our expectations. SIR,,THANK YOU VERY MUCH ! You have erased the fear from our hearts towards business life and enhanced our confidence levels.We attribute our hitherto progress, our confidence spirits,as well our ensuing success too to,thy 'ASTRO NUMERICAL' Dr.Raja Sir.MAY THE GREAT GOOD OMNIPOTENT BLESS YOU AND YOUR FAMILY ! ..............SPL family

I met him 10 years back along with an Industrialist friend, got valuable advice for suitable Name and Logo. Impressed with his in-depth knowledge,sound analytical nature,keenness and sincerity to offer value services, I referred several of my close contacts to him. His involvement in deciding Names of New Born in the family is commendable.He is very practical in guiding his clients. A trust-worthy, good friend whom one can take to confidence. I wish him all prosperity which he deserves. VG

We had approached Dr Raja for some astrological insight about our one year old company, which wasn't going in any direction even after all the hard word and positive attitude. Dr Raja, helped us to change the name of the company. And to my amazement within a month of this, the company which was struggling to get one buyer contract for last one year got it's first break. We haven't been lucky enough to meet our guide and confidant as we are from Delhi, and only over the phone he has been able to inculcate so much positivity into our life. I personally salute the fact that on one hand he is so confident of his knowledge and on the other hand he is so humble to be able to help all who comes under his guidance. We pray for the success of Dr Raja's endeavour to help all who comes to him. I also thank Mrs Shobha and Dr Raja for being so approachable and accommodating to us. LN

Its been an phenomenal experience to have Dr Raja as an Consultant, specifically for my business decisions. His advice helped me to stay calm in the rough patches to be prepared for the best times. We all put in efforts, but right time is definitely the key. My whole family experienced it that how his advice helped us. DS

I was searching for the best astrologer in Chennai and thro' my friend I found Dr. Raja. He spent quality time in explaining the science behind Astrology and has guided my career path, by suggesting me to do my higher studies. He has also given me lucky numbers, dates, days - by using Astrology & Numerology. Now I am happy & confident. Dr. Raja is a must to meet person. VR

Dr. Sundhar Raja Provides a highly Professional Astro-Numerology Solution. His Vision, Profile, Client list and media coverages clearly shows this. I had the great opportunity to interact with him & benefited by his service. Combining Astrology & Numerology for Naming and business is very unique. Thank him for his Unique Service and Best Wishes to him.
Contact: +91 98400 20243    contact@astronumber.com