Raja's clients include several Business Tycoons, Career Professionals, Medical Doctors, Cine Artists, Social activists, Housewives, Students, New born babies, etc.. His clientele base is currently over few lakhs and is steadily increasing day by day.

Some of our Business / Corporate clients are given below. The clientele list spans through several industries across geographical boundaries around the world.

  • ONGC Limited
  • PMP Iron &Steels (India) Ltd
  • UTI Sec Commodities Limited
  • Sat Logistics LLC
  • Chhattisgarh Electricity Co. Ltd
  • Sun-Mart LLC
  • Pramati Technologies (P) Ltd
  • Williamson Magor & Co. Ltd
  • Supreme Petrochem Ltd
  • Cochin Assay Company Pvt Ltd - Indias first Hall marking centre
  • Wadhwani Securities Trading Private Limited
  • The Arya Vaidya Pharmacy (cbe) Ltd
  • Avero Global Pvt Ltd
  • MGM Transports Limited
  • Expo Mercantile Private Limited
  • Hotel Hindustan International
  • Akson Institute of Management Studies
  • Academy Health Services Inc,
  • Aromatics LLC
  • OPG Energy Ltd
  • Amber Enterprises ( London ) Ltd
  • Eveready Industries India Ltd
  • Provogue India Limited
  • Wasan Toyota
  • McLeod Russel India Limited
  • Sujana Group of Companies
  • Empire Capital Lending Inc
  • Balmoral Industries Uganda Ltd
  • Lord Krishna Bank
  • Chemmanur Gold Refinery Ltd
  • Kilburn Office Automation Ltd
  • Bijayananda co-operative sugar mills Limited
  • Jhagadia Copper Limited
  • Anrex Home Care Inc,
  • GKS Infomedia Services India Limited
  • EMBEE Software Private Limited
  • Integra Energy Management Ltd
  • Trenz Kenya Ltd
  • Sleep Diagnostics ( Midwest ) LLC
  • Chamunda Cars FzD
  • Deepjyoti Textile Mills


Due to our family problems we were looking for a good wise astrologer i was just reviewing on Google and read about Dr PR Sundhar Raja and decided to visit him . And i must say he is such a gentleman so decent so polite and full of knowledge he guided us , explained our horoscope and gave solutions .. talking to him was good experience and gave us peace of mind and made us understand our conditons in a better way . We have been following his advise after our visit and things have started to change for better .. i would suggest all the people who are having hard times and are looking for some astrology predictions and suitable solutions plz plz visit Dr PR Sundhar Raja atleast once believe me he will give u proper help and guidance .. dnt worry about money or time, it is all going to be worthy ...
- Megha Srinivas

It was very nice experience. The accuracy level is too good . He was able to answer the all the queries in a quick manner. He is a guru for many corp orates. He was able to co relate the myths of astrology & the science behind the same.
- Rhakesh kp

Dr.Raja is the best astrologer. After consulting him my whole life changed and many good things have happened. I'm a very happy person now and will recommend Dr.Raja to everyone.
- Vishnu Gopal

The best astrologer I had ever know. Highly professional and very positive person. Thanks for the help doctor
- Janani Asokan

My wife and I had consulted with Dr. P.R. Sundhar Raja, Astrologer, for our daughter's marriage. First of all, he is so polite and positive. His predictions are wonderful. Superb !!! He has given valuable guidance for our daughter's marriage We wish you and your family with whole heatedly, Sir.
- Dhanapal Ramachandran

Good and accurate analysis by Dr. Raja's services. Thanks
- VS Jeevita

Dr SunderRaja has a pleasing personality and a person with a positive approach which makes a client comfortable. His predictions are very precise and we always look up to him for guidance from time to time. We wish him all the BEST.
- Bhavani Sripada

Sir, You are doing great service to people. Please do continue the same. I am thankful to you sir.
- Yuvrani Kamalakannan

I had contacted dr. sundhar and got my past,present and future clarified. my list of questionnares or doubts i had about my destiny were summed up expertly by dr.sundhar. thanks to his astrological insights. vijay
- Vijay srinivasan

I had consulted Dr P.R.Sundhar Raja, for starting a gear and gearboxes manufacturing company, in Janaurary 2016, after going through our birth charts, in a detailed manner, Dr Raja said that " iron " would work out well for us. He named our company and designed the logo , he even suggested the date of inauguration of our company " Amara Gears", I followed what Dr Raja said, our company is now running very smoothly . The name and the logo ,suggested by Dr Raja is wonderful. I am very happy and satisfied with Dr Raja. Thankyou Sir. I would definetly recommend Dr Raja's services to all my friends.

I was lucky to meet the best astrologer Dr.Raja during my visit to Chennai and got a very clear direction for my future with no extra charges. It is a must for everyone to meet Dr.Raja and I will be getting guidance for all my family members.
- Muruganantham Muthusamy

My aunt visited at him. he is very polite.she just want to change his son name and she did it successfully.after that suddenly her son attitude has been completely changed now he is perfectly alright .thanks to raja sir.
- M.S.Balajikumar Bala

The ambience of the place is very professional with air conditioned office and Dr. Raja is by far the best astrologer I have consulted and my life has changed for the good
- Jacob cass