Individual Consultation Services

Dr. PR Sundhar Raja using Astro-Numerology provides individual consultation services for various problems and reveals important information about your future and destiny, opportunities, challenges you might meet in the future... With predictive astrological assessment and guidance for a specific question/issue of his clients he has raised the bar of customer satisfaction.

Note: For individual consultations, the following details are a requisite:

1. Date of birth
2. Place of birth
3. Time of birth
4. Name commonly used

Being a No.1 Indian Vedic Astrologer in Chennai, Dr. PR Sundhar Raja with his extensive experience in astrology, numerology and palmistry guides people on a rewarding journey of personal growth. He also helps in Powering Individual's Name in order to bring positive vibrations and divine forces in their life

Dr. PR Sundhar Raja offers the following services to Individuals using Astro-Numerology

1. Individual's Lucky Number
2. Powering Individual's Name to Succeed
3. Name for New Born Baby (Parents of the child should provide 3 proposed names along with the birth details to enable us to select the Right Name)
4. Personal consultations or Telephone consultations
(with prior appointment)
5. Marriage / Partnership compatibility check

Personal/ Telephone Consultation

Through Personal/ Telephone Consultation, Dr Raja provides the following services.

1. Your RIGHT Name to Succeed (Fine tuned name if required) - PR Sundhar Raja will answer questions pertaining to a single Horoscope, after receipt of your Full Name, birth details and payment.
2. Further you will be also given details about your lucky gemstone, to accelerate your SUCCESS.

The consultation charges can be paid through any one of the following options,


Corporate Services

Dr. PR Sundhar Raja of Astro Number help Corporate houses in growth, profit-making, expansion, harmonious working environment and therefore the share holder returns. His corporate service includes fine-tuning or choosing a new name for the company. His predictions give businesses a competitive edge & helps entrepreneurs to take advantage of opportunities and avoid pitfalls.

For a new business venture, selecting the right name will ensure the successful growth of the company. Businesses have charts just as people we have. With the help of the business charts and by analyzing the below data, Dr. PR Sundhar Raja forecasts the future.

Existing companies need the following data for analysis:

1. Company's date of incorporation
2. Company's registration number

For new businesses, Dr. Raja of Astro Number would actually choose the date and time your company incorporation to coincide with the best astrological timing for your success.

The key to success of the company does not rest with the name alone. The logo of the company also plays a vital role as it symbolizes the company's services, energy and growth. The choice of the logo and its colour scheme will add value to the company in terms of growth and profitability.

Dr. PR Sundhar offers the following service to Corporate houses and businesses

Get appointment for astrological consultation service & know what is coming ahead of time and gives your business a competitive edge.

Preliminary Business Consultation

Dr. PR Sundhar Raja of Astro Number will provide you, a detailed report on the suitability of the name / logo of your Company, after receipt of the relevant details - i.e., Full name of the Company, Registration date and Registration number, Logo sample in colour, if available - along with one Key individual's Full Name & birth details - example Chairman, CEO, MD, ED, GM, Proprietor or Managing Partner.

In case the Company Name / Logo, has to be fine-tuned or changed, there will be an additional charge. However this service will be applicable ONLY if your existing company name is NOT in harmony for its GROWTH & SUCCESS.

Additional Services offered provides you the following

1) The RIGHT name - either Fine-tuned name OR a New name for the Company - for Growth & Profitability
2) The design layout for the letter-head & visiting cards with the Lucky colours - for Harmonious smooth operation
3) The Lucky date for re-launching the Company / Re-registration date etc., - providing a New life / a New Beginning
4) The finalized / fine-tuned logo, after your approval will be sent in coral draw format

For the additional services, The consultation charges can be paid through any one of the following options,

For Vaastu Consultations & For Employee Screening services please contact us for details